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  • Sardegna

    Cafe Svizzero
    (typical Italian bar)

    Antico cafe
    (little terrace at the feet of the Bastione di St Rémy)

    Villa Nova Café
    (refreshing terrace – via vincenzo sulis)

    Civico 8
    (Bar + nice apéro bites + pizza)

    Corso Dodici
    (very nice italian/Sardinian restairant)

    (next to Corso Dodici, typical Sardinain restaurant)

    Sushi Tao
    (Very good sushi and nice ambient)

    Gellateria Stefino
    There’s always a line for these healthy gelato’s

    The whole quarter of the port – quartiere Marina
    Lot’s of typical Cucina Sarda restaurants

    Torre Delle Stelle 

    Palmira Ristorante Pizzeria
    next to the Palmira supermarket
    It’s the typical Italian restaurant ambient!
    But the pizza’s are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

    San Sperate

    (amazing breakfast pastry and coffee + belgian beers + very nice Italian food and pizza’s)

    Drinks at Il giardinetto

    Dolci Corronca
    Buy your traditional Sardinian pastry here, my aunt and uncles shop


    La Botteghina



    Cagliari (capital city)
    B&B Birkin

    Maison Miramare

    Hotel Nautilus

    Torre Delle Stelle

    B&B Villa Verde

    B&B Villa Stella Turchese

    Hotel Su Sergenti

    B&B Abaton Relais

    Many other hotels in Villasimius

    Solana Hotel
    Hotel Il Monastero

    Villa Suki

    Su Gologone

    Santa Margherita di Pula/ Chia
    Forte Village

    Costa dei fiori

    Is Morus Relais

    Arzachena (Porto Cervo)
    Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru

    Agriturismo Vessus

    Camping Torre del Porticciolo

    to wander


    Bastione di St.Remy, beautifull panoramic view of the city

    University Quarter, walk through it

    Marina Quarter, walk trough it

    Via Vincenzo Sulis walk through it + nice concept store and apéro terrace

    Via roma + il Porto

    Mercato San Benedetto – Food Shopping
    (also vacuum package for travel transport)

    Jogging on the running track by the Poetto beach

    Buying dolci at my family’s pastry shop (Fernanda e Torre)                  Dolcificcio Corronca San Sperate

    Visit the garden museum of the famous sculpture artist Pinuccio


    This is my mothers’ hometown = small village in the center of Sardegna up in the mountains

    Parco Aymerich + castle + natural waterfall

    Santa Sofia

    Next to Laconi, but a bit higher and deeper in the mountains.
    This is the place where my nonno, grandfather, used to spend most of his time as he was a shepherd

    Here you won’t see any other tourists, only some sheeps and there shepherd, donkeys, wild horses if you’re lucky

    Santa Sofia has a beautyfull nature for long walks

    See the little house in the picture, here is where we come to buy our ricotta, pecorino, proscuitto’s. TOP SECRET :)


    Visit the city known for it’s corals, park you car and go by foot, it’s the only way
    Make a walk around the city wall and port and then go inside and explore the little streets in this historical Catalan city

    Porto Cervo 

    Stroll down the walk of fame near the extravagant boats and
    luxurious shops, maybe spot some celebs, rich and famous
    Don’t stay there too long as everything is double in price!


    Sardegna is the place to be for “untouched” beautiful beaches
    No buildings or tourist attractions to see when you turn your head, but mostly just mountains and nature

    South / South East

    Mare Pintau
    Porto Giunco – Villasimius 
    Cala Sinzias – Castiadas (Is fradis beach club)
    Ikki Beach (watch out for the strong current / between villasimius & Costa Rei)
    Costa Rei (the entire costa rei coast line is worth it)
    Cala Luna
    Cala Golone

    South / South West

    Plage Mesu 
    both beaches can be super fun because of the big waves but also dangerous because of the strong currents, so please respect the safty guidelines

    Pula ( a bit more touristic)
    Teulada (very very soft sand)
    Cala Domestica

    Alghero (North West)

    Le bombarde
    Torre del Porticciolo
    (nice panoramic view walking up the mountain to the tower)

    Costa Smeralda (North)

    Baia Sardinia
    (search for a little secret path through the bushes which will lead you to a small and
    calm beach right before the famous and busy baia sardinia beach, also known for the beach where the papparzi go to take the pics of the stars on their boats)

    Isola La Madalena
    (boattrip to the islands)
    Spiagge della costa smeralda